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Recto’s Tool Room: Welding & CNC Machining

Recto’s Tool Room houses a wide range of welding and CNC machining equipment for maintaining and building our tooling. Our staff is well-trained and highly skilled on our welding and CNC vertical mills, and they help us ensure that our molds are always in top condition.

Quality and experienced welding at Recto Molded Products

Our welding capabilities range from MIG and TIG welding to micro and laser welding. Laser welding has proven to be a significant advantage for Recto, allowing us to repair injection molds quickly and accurately. Our team is cross-trained on all of the equipment to produce high-quality results. 

Whether it’s for maintaining or repairing tooling and molds, Recto provides a variety of expert precision welding services. Thanks to our team’s experience, combined with the latest welding technology, we provide clean, accurate welds with a smooth finish. 

CNC Machining in the tool room

Long gone are the days of manual machining and rotary table work. Our tool room utilizes three CNC vertical mills for quality and efficient machining of fixtures, dies and injection molds. The handy 2-axis Bridgeport based MillPWR, the 3-axis Hurco, and the 3-axis VF-2 Haas all contribute to our capability in machining fixtures, extrusion dies, and injection molds machining UHMW, Acetal, Aluminum, steel or hardened steel (carbide cutting).

Typical tasks for our CNC equipment include mold plate machining of cavity locations, knockout clearances, runners, bolt holes, guide pin/bushings, water lines, and rough machining prior to heat treat, grinding, and CNC EDM work.

Extrusion dies are predominantly built using both wire EDM and CNC machining, with wire EDM producing the actual profile shape of the extrusion.

Quality Finishing and Tool Maintenance

Recto Molded Products was built on a foundation of quality and excellency that has continued to the present day. Whether through our specialty, injection molding, secondary operations or assembly, we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements throughout the process. With Recto, you can be sure that you are getting the quality you deserve.

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