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About Recto Molded Products

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Our History

Recto Molded Products was established in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1919 to meet the demands of automobile companies by manufacturing and supplying rectifiers with phenolic bases–one of the first plastic processors in the US. Our name derives from these early products. Over time, we expanded our plastic injection molding and finishing capabilities, investing in machining and manufacturing technology, process control, automation tools, and tooling design.

Our Operations

Our strengths are found in our employees and culture, augmented by modern equipment and a talented tool room. The mix of machinery that we maintain allows us the flexibility to better match equipment to the mold and parts being produced, such as all-electric molding machines for high speed and tight tolerances, and hydraulic presses for thick walls that require high injection pressures for an extended period of time. In addition, we design and build both our end-of-arm tooling and automated secondary operation cells in-house, providing us flexibility and cost-effective opportunities for automation where order volumes might not afford this automation.

As a custom molder operating for over 100 years with a long-term workforce, we have experience processing an extensive list of resins, as well as experience in running new material varieties and blends as part requirements change over time.

Flexibility in Order Processing and Volumes

The structure of our operations allows us to produce extreme varieties of parts and quantities cost-efficiently, providing us great flexibility to meet our customers’ needs for both very small volumes of parts–as low as five parts per year–to millions of parts per year and everything in between. We regularly accommodate blanket releases and stocking arrangements as well.

Secondary Operations & Finishing

Recto’s Finishing Department performs assembly ranging from basic combinations to complicated multicomponent products. Other services include 3D printing, pad printing, hot stamping, CNC and traditional machining, ultrasonic welding, custom packaging, and custom labeling​.

Our Commitment

At Recto Molded Products, our commitment to our customers and the industries we serve remains unwavering. This dedication can be seen through our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. We understand that our customers’ success is also our success, and we work tirelessly towards exceeding expectations at each step.

Our Future

Recto Molded Products is optimistic about our future growth and remains committed to the core principles that have guided us for over 100 years. As we look ahead, Recto will continue to invest in our people, technology, and capabilities–with plans of further investing in each area as we meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Going Green

In 2005, Recto Molded Products began to integrate a more sustainable culture into our facility, finding practical and doable ways to reduce our energy consumption and improve the working conditions of our facility for our employees.

Fry Oil Test Kits

For many years Recto Molded Products has manufactured and sold a frying oil test kit, used to monitor the quality of commercial cooking oil being used. This kit allows for a sample of frying oil to be taken in the included glass dropper, and then compared against the color of the rods to help determine oil quality.

Bins and Brackets

We manufacture and sell small, plastic storage bins that can be hung on walls, doors, or other surfaces for easy organization. These bins come in multiple colors and up to six can be hung on the included rack.