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Secondary Operations

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Our Finishing Department performs several assembly operations ranging from basic combinations to multiple-layered intricate/functional complete products. These operations offer support to our injection molding process, adding a finishing touch or an added value to products that need a little more work. All of our operations are in-house, and are guided by the individualized quality plans that we create for each project. 

CNC Machining

For that finishing touch or for highly precise dimensions, we offer professional CNC machining services in-house. This covers a wide range of CNC equipment, in various locations around the building. Our team members are educated and experienced in operating all of our equipment, so you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

Our tool room is equipped with various vertical mills, CNC EDM machines, lathes, and grinders. We also have two CNC vertical mills dedicated to plastic machining. For a full list of our equipment, check out our resources here.

Ultrasonic Welding

One of the major secondary operations that we offer is ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding is an advanced joining operation that utilizes high-frequency vibrations and friction to create strong and clean bonds. This specialized welding technique is excellent especially in plastic molding and assembly areas. 

Ultrasonic welding has many benefits, being much faster than gluing operations and often highly automated. This way, you can get your parts and assemblies much faster. It’s also a less expensive technique, allowing us to offer lower production costs on projects that require assembly. This welding technique is also highly precise, producing a clean, quality bond. The resulting bond is very durable and visually appealing as well, making this type of welding excellent for many applications. 

Plastic Assembly

While some assembly steps are able to be performed cost effectively at the molding machine, more involved assembly procedures take place in our Finishing department. Product assembly has been a core expertise of Recto for over 75 years, including automobile rectifiers at the company’s inception, bulk photography film loaders for many years afterwards (some of which were used in space,) and today, complete packaged products and various complicated mechanical components. It is common for one assembled item to include up to 15 components or more, plus additional secondary operations as well.  

One key to our success in this area has been working to understand, not only each assembly’s requirements, but also as much knowledge as reasonable of its operational functions, interactions, and environment to help aid in developing best methods for assembly and testing. This extra effort has often helped avoid functional complications, as well as allowed for additional inspection/testing steps to be incorporated. If so specified, 100% testing is a service we regularly perform, including form/fit/function.

Printing and Finishing

Pad Printing

In addition to molding and machining, we offer professional pad printing services to add our clients’ branding to their finished parts. Pad printing is a versatile way to add branding or other prints on three dimensional surfaces and products of all shapes and sizes.

Hot Stamping

RMP’s hot stamping services are a great fit for many applications where both elegance and durability are necessary for the product. Hot stamping is a clean and effective way to treat plastic products with high-quality results regardless of the colors chosen.

Inkjet Printing

Thanks to our inkjet printing, we offer the integration of intricate graphics, logos, and other personalized details into your projects, combining this with our other printing services to provide clean, quality graphics. 

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