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Assembly & Packaging

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While some assembly steps are performed cost effectively at the molding machine, more involved assembly procedures take place in our Finishing department. Product assembly has been a core expertise of Recto for over 75 years, including automobile rectifiers at the company’s inception, bulk photography film loaders for many years afterwards (some of which were used in space,) and today complete packaged products and various complicated mechanical components. It is common for one assembled item to include up to 15 components or more, plus additional secondary operations as well.  

One key to our success in this area has been working to understand, not only each assembly’s requirements, but also as much knowledge as reasonable of its operational functions, interactions, and environment to help aid in developing best methods for assembly and testing. This extra effort has often helped avoid functional complications in the past, as well as allowed for additional inspection/testing steps to be incorporated. If so specified, 100% testing is a service we regularly perform, including form/fit/function.


In the same manner as our many other services, our packaging and shipping standards are built around your product requirements and specifications. Once your product is complete, we can also package it in-house and ship it to your facility or the location of your choice. All cartons are bar code labeled for easy order tracking and for ensuring delivery of the finished product.

We also offer custom packaging, labeling, and shipping options for all products. Just let us know what you need and we will provide it. Our standard ERP system carton label includes part number, part name, customer name, quantity, and bar codes at a minimum. Additional customized labels and packaging preferences are available to be included in each item’s specifications. Packaging ranges from bulk-packed items in gaylords to specialized cartons with inserts and just about everything in between. 

Domestic freight scheduling is also available at your preference; we have extensive experience handling all freight scheduling on your behalf as well as solely dealing directly with a broker or carrier of your choice.

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