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Plastic Bins and Brackets

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Recto has molded components for organization and storage systems for many decades. After many years of creating a wide range of storage solutions for our partners, we decided to apply our experience to making a product of our own that seemed to be under represented: smaller, simpler Bins and Brackets that would utilize both our injection molding and extrusion capabilities.

These smaller plastic bins would be aimed for use in DIY projects, manufacturing departments, as well as our own tool room and maintenance departments. After 3D printing a few designs, we found the size that best met the needs of all of these applications: big enough for normal needs, small enough to be able to separate various sized parts without using the internal dividers that are hard on your fingers when you want one screw. The result is a handy product that is cost effective and uses reprocessed materials.

The Bracket that we designed to hold these plastic bins has holes for mounting on 16″ center studs, and can be easily cut to handle from one to six bins depending upon available space. The bin itself measures 5″ wide, 7″ deep, and 3″ high, and is available in a variety of colors. The 7″ dimension provides convenient mounting in the rear of a workspace. Long-term maximum load 10#.

The Bin is “right sized” for holding drill bits, screws, bolts and nuts, the occasional tool and is easily cleaned. Many larger Bins obstruct the work area, so having a smaller one that takes up less space is incredibly useful.

The Bin is quickly and easily removed from the Bracket, loaded with appropriate bits and pieces for the repair task, and allows quick cleanup at the job site. Since introduction, we have found many uses for this product, including in classrooms, workshops, hardware stores, yarn retailing, and maintenance departments.