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Design & Engineering: Supporting you from start to finish

Projects at Recto get started in a number of ways. The most common is a request for us to view a preliminary model of a molded part. The goal is to simplify tooling, use the most effective material, and get the fastest molding cycle, all to provide quality products at the lowest cost. We review assembly, determine critical dimensions, and anticipate failure modes. On a plastic molded part, weld lines are often the most common failure point. We avoid this problem where we can, and design tooling to minimize this issue. If possible we print a 3D part to verify our design.

The second most common start to a project is when we inherit tooling for any number of reasons. Here we determine problems that the customer has experienced in the past, and if necessary modify tooling. Usually our extremely capable molding equipment can provide the necessary step to solve long standing tolerance issues. If good parts have been made with existing tooling, more than likely it is a molding machine problem. Our RoboShot and Nissei, all electric molding machines can hold a cushion of .001” to .003” for weeks on end, providing amazingly consistent shots, and therefore repeatable dimensions. Sometimes we find that cooling is not adequate in the existing mold. Problems can start after running for a few hours when the mold doesn’t maintain an optimal temperature. We add water lines, or even cooling plates to work around the problem.

If you are experiencing these types of problems, please contact Recto now so we can help you find solutions.

Recto Molded Products was one of the earliest plastic processors in the United States, and we continue to be one of the leading plastic processors and product development services in the industry. Since we first began in 1919, Recto has greatly expanded our capabilities and our expertise, which allows us to provide design and engineering support to our customers at all stages of product development. 

The personnel at Recto, at all levels of our organization, bring many decades of combined experience and expertise when it comes to design, engineering, and manufacturing services. Our engineering support is available at all stages of product development–from rapid prototyping and testing to production tooling and final assembly. No matter what point your product development process might have reached, our engineers are happy to assist you in whatever ways you need.

Our staff are highly valued technical resources when it comes to our customers’ design and material selection process. They are often involved throughout product development, and we are always happy to provide insight according to their areas of expertise. We often receive complimentary feedback from our customers regarding the valuable insight they received. 

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Recto also offers tooling and mold building services. Our Tool Room works closely with both the Production and Engineering sides of our business, bringing several decades of experience in mold design, mold building, mold upkeep, as well as fixture and automation design and builds. Recto’s tooling shop maintains in-house CNC machining centers, wire EDM, ram EDM including hole-popper, lathe turning, surface grinding, MIG & TIG welding, and laser micro welding.

We assist our customers in all areas of product development, including:

  • Designs that minimize tooling and part costs.
    • The advantage of having both extrusion and injection molding under one roof is that when assisting customers with their designs, we look at both options as a solution. A part with two materials such as, a combination of soft and rigid aspects, is better accomplished with extrusion if the shape lends itself to that possibility. Adding double sided adhesive tape to the part can also be easily done in-line during extrusion.
    • A difficult molded part, or a large part, can sometimes become a combination of lower tooling cost extrusion, and a complex shaped injection molded part.
    • Finally, on-line laser printing can include part numbers right on the extruded part. There are few injection molders with these options in-house.
  • Material selection that will provide the lowest cost.
    • Recto strives to provide the best possible choice in material selection opportunities.

    • What we are currently molding, in high volume produces the lowest cost potential, and when the quantities are modest it becomes more important. Resin distributors seem to have gravitated to 1,000 and 2,000# minimum purchases. Even when requirements are for 100# to 500#, the price becomes painful.

    • When an application benefits from the use of recycled materials, a dual benefit of lower cost and greener results. A few resins such as Cellulosics, and Polyketone are considered green materials. When to use them is important.

    • Applications with specific environmental aspects such as UV resistance, or hydrocarbon fluid exposures, need appropriate resin choices. Equally when specific regulatory conditions such as UL, or 3A Dairy FDA, or Mine safety are required, our experience can guide us to the proper choices.

    • Sometimes confusion exists about how to meet certain goals. Thicker parts may not result in stronger parts. Softer materials may not be as “soft” as a thinner harder material. Impact strength is more of a function of elongation than higher flexural modulus.

    • Choice of materials will affect the moldability of a given design. Warpage, sink, dimensional stability and repeatability are considerations when choosing materials.

    • The two aspects that are constantly in play are cost versus performance. Automotive applications have driven Polypropylene into what was once considered Nylon territory.

    • PEEK has taken over many polyimide roles. Polyketone, which performance-wise seems to fit between Acetals and Nylons is a truly green alternative with lower friction, and a combination of properties like low moisture absorption and impact strength.

    • Recto’s experience with many different and new material candidates provides a unique option for our customers.

  • Assembly methods that are designed to be easily assembled.
  • Packaging that takes into account the most cost-effective shipping methods.
  • Quality planning and required testing.
  • Rapid prototyping.

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