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Injection Molding

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Injection molding is Recto’s specialty. We have been a trusted and leading supplier of molded plastic parts and assemblies for well over a century, and our team has extensive experience with a full range of filled and neat engineering polymers for molded plastic products. 

A quick overview of injection molding

Injection molding is an incredibly versatile and highly consistent process. A single mold can have multiple cavities, either of the same part for higher production efficiency, or multiple parts for products that will be assembled together. It is also known for its high level of consistency and reliability, able to produce high volumes of the same part with identical tolerances across the batch. 

While the initial costs of a new mold can be expensive, once that mold is made, it can be used to manufacture high volumes of products at very low costs, and it’s easy and even cost-effective to scale up production as needed. Not only that, but injection molding also produces minimal waste compared to other manufacturing methods. It’s an excellent type of manufacturing, especially for plastic parts, both simple and complex. 

Injection Molding at Recto

Recto’s injection molding equipment runs in three production shifts, five days a week. Currently, our injection molding presses range from 55 to 500 tons, and many feature 6-axis robotic integration, and we are always looking for ways to improve our processes. At many of our presses, we also have in-mold and post-mold operations available, ranging from fully automated to manual-labor intensive.  

At Recto, we have acquired the most capable equipment available and where specific needs, (higher injection pressure, for example) are not met, customization is developed. We believe that in order to meet our customer’s expectations we need to equip our employees with the best equipment possible.

A majority of our molding machines are “all electric” and since 2004 we have found them to be the most precise, fastest, and reliable molding machines that we can purchase.

The second most prevalent technology is servo pump. They are as energy efficient as all electric machines, but cost about 40% less.  Most molding applications work well with this technology.

We have a couple of servo valve molding machines where high pressures for longer durations is required. This is older technology and constant maintenance keeps these machines capable.

The thought process is as follows: High cavitation molds with fast cycles go into all electric machines. Single cavity, non-tight tolerance parts go into the servo pump machines. Single cavity, thick-walled parts go into the servo-valve machines.

We equip servo electric and servo pump machines with 6-axis Fanic robots to accomplish a number of tasks. Family molds with two or more different parts that need to be kept separate is a simple task. Multi-cavity, edge-gated molds use robots to de-gate the parts. Parts that get surface damage if they are dropped get put on conveyor belts by a robot for cooling and special handling” after “get put on a conveyor belt. Parts can also be counted and boxed.

A favorite application is a polypropylene part with an integrated hinge that needs to be flexed right after molding, running on a much faster cycle than possible with just an operator.

The key to automation starts at the press where the molded parts are already oriented into the required position, eliminating a step in automation.

We have extensive experience with a full range of filled and neat engineering polymers including, but not limited to TPU, TPE, PEI, Acetal, Nylons, PEEK, PC, PBT, Acrylic, PP, HIPS, PE and proprietary compounds. 

Recto has been on the frontier with nylons, super-tough nylons, acetals and Polyketones, recognizing uniqueness of particular resins as they might apply themselves in applications. Recto brought super-tough nylons into sporting goods products, when  polycarbonate was originally used. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of material capabilities and limitations to help our customers find the right choice.

If the material you need is not listed here, contact us to learn about the additional materials that we process.  

Recto also performs in-house mold upkeep and repair in our extensive Tool Room. We commonly have molds built over 50 years ago still in regular production. We are well-equipped to ensure that your molds are maintained and ready for operation. Check out more about our Tooling capabilities

Ready to get started?

For more information about our services, or if you’d like to request a quote and get started with us, contact Recto Molded Products today!