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Recto Molded Products

Molders of Plastics Since 1919


For over 100 years, Recto Molded Products has been an innovative manufacturer of molded plastic parts and assemblies. We are a versatile and trusted partner to customers ranging in size from start-ups to multinational corporations, finding more effective and efficient ways to supply high-quality plastic products to all of our customers.


Recto offers everything from Design & Engineering to Injection Molding to Secondary Operations serving a wide variety of industries.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding presses range from 55 to 500 tons, and in our dedication to consistently upgrading our facility, many of our presses feature 6-axis robotic integration.


In addition to our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Recto’s team also performs a range of value-added secondary services, such as assembly and finishing on the parts that we manufacture.

Design & Engineering

Recto’s team brings several decades of experience and expertise in Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing.


Our engineering support is available through production for building and testing our production tooling and ensuring that everything processes as intended.


Our team develops individual quality control plans for each project that are customized to suit each item or component’s specifications. These quality policies are developed most often with ISO 9000 guidelines, and guide all of our inspection procedures, from conventional measurement to more intricate evaluations of the part’s fit, form, and function. Recto was and continues to be built on a foundation of quality–both in our manufacturing processes and our customer service.

Updated Material Warehouse

Updated Material Warehouse

Mold Storage Room

Mold Storage Room



QC Equipment

QC Equipment

Visit Legacy Extrusions

Recto Molded Products is a proud partner of Legacy Extrusion, a highly capable and qualified plastics manufacturer serving industries such as Appliances, Conveyors/Logistics, Retail Displays, and Home Shelving. Legacy has provided quality profile extrusions since 1996, and their team has decades of combined practical experience in creative and custom projects, as well as a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and value-added services.