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Frying Oil Test Kit

For many years Recto Molded Products has manufactured and sold a frying oil test kit, used to monitor the quality of commercial cooking oil being used. This kit allows for a sample of frying oil to be taken in the included glass dropper, and then compared against the color of the rods to help determine oil quality. The customer chooses the shade of amber rod to be assembled into each kit based upon the type of frying oil being used, and/or the type of food being cooked. Usually a rod representing an acceptable shade of oil is on one side, while the other shade represents oil that needs to be changed. The dropper with a sample of oil can be placed between the rods for quick and easy visual comparison. The amber color rods are identified by number, typically in whole numbers from 1-7. The #l rod (as indicated on the 7-rod test kit) is very light and #7 is extremely dark. Fractional shades are available if a standard shade does not match your oil conditions. The kit may contain any combination of up to four color rods.  If only one rod is desired, the dropper and color rod are spaced evenly apart to balance the appearance of the kit. The blank cross-pieces of the kit housings may be pad printed with company logos, images, text, etc. to individualize the kit to a company or restaurant chain. Each kit is packaged individually with an instruction label printed in English and Spanish is offered.  This label may also be customized to include graphics, logos, and specific or multilingual instructions. For any questions about the kit, please contact us at 513-871-5544.